Whitney Houston's mother Cissy has written an emotional open letter to her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.  Cissy released the letter to the press on Wednesday, addressing many of the troubles concerning their relationship since the singer's death last year. 

According to "The Hollywood Reporter," Cissy writes that she, too, is grieving for Whitney and she hopes in time Bobbi will be able to understand why she chose to release the book "Remembering Whitney" earlier this year.  Bobbi called the book "disrespectful" when it came out. 

Cissy also addressed the 20-year-old's recent engagement to Nick Gordon, the young man who Whitney was said to have considered a son.  Cissy writes that she feels Bobbi is "too young" to marry, but that all she wants for her is "good health" and "happiness."  

She added that it was her job as a grandmother to "worry" and "wonder if Nick, or any, man is good enough" for her. 

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