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Hot off the press! The ladies of En Vogue have finally settled their court battle over the rights to the group’s name.

According to legal papers, two of En Vogue’s founding members Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron won exclusive rights to the En Vogue name for upcoming performances. The decision brings an end to a long and tense war between Ellis and Herron and Dawn Robinson and Maxine Jones.

The original drama began when Dawn and Maxine were sued by Terry and Cindy for $1 million over use of the groups’ name. Cindy and Terry alleged the other ladies were using the name “En Vogue” after the quartet broke up and had no right to do so since the name is owned by another company. A judge agreed with Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis which gave them the name, but they failed to prove they incurred any damages so they weren’t awarded any money.
Now that the battle for naming rights is over, can we please announce the reunion tour?


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