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Mountain Dew is pulling an ad featuring Odd Future leader "Tyler, The Creator" over criticism of the ad's portrayal of African-Americans.  The ad is the most recent chapter in a series of commercials featuring Tyler's voice as the character "Felicia the Goat." 

The character is on the run from police for causing destruction while hyped up on Mountain Dew.  In the most recent installation, "Felicia the Goat" appears in a police lineup consisting entirely of African-American men. 

Acclaimed author Dr. Boyce Watkins denounced the ad in a recent article posted on, calling it "arguably the most racist commercial in history."  Dr. Watkins says the commercial stereotypes African-American men as "frightening and violent," while the "good guys" in the story - police officers and the victim viewing the lineup - are nearly all Caucasian. 

Dr. Watkins goes on to say that Mountain Dew has plunged to a "new low for corporate racism."  

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