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What started as a catchy song seemingly throwing shade at ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian has turned into a full blow club banger and Top 10 Hip-Hop/R&B chart topper. And that’s just what Ray J wanted.

“Numbers don’t lie,” Ray J told CocoaFab exclusively Monday afternoon about his hit song “I Hit It First”. “The song has been topping the charts all week and independently it’s been breaking records. People should see it for that and it’s successful. We’ve been really positive and we’ve been focusing on the concept as opposed to the controversy. I think it will continue to do well.”

And surprisingly, despite the controversy Ray J insists that his professional relationships with other rappers, singers and Hollywood heavyweights hasn’t changed with the release of “I Hit It First.” Perhaps that’s because he hasn’t been reading texts.

“I haven’t been focusing on the texts in my phone because I’m getting so many right now,” he admits. “I just want to stay focused on a positive path and sometimes when you pay attention to that, then it throws you left.”

That cagey answer just meant that CocoaFab absolutely had to ask whether Kim Kardashian had called or reached out to him about the controversial song. His response? “Nah, nah.” And has he called or reached out to her just to let her know that he has, in his words, “nothing but the utmost respect for everybody”? Ray confesses, “nah, nah. It’s all love and respect from over here.”


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