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Rick Ross is apologizing for a lyric that seemed to condone date rape.  The questionable verse appeared on Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O.," which also features Future.  On the track Ross raps about taking home a woman after putting the drug "molly" in her drink without her knowing it.  On Thursday, Ross took to Twitter to apologize for the lyric that was "interpreted as rape."  Ross added that he does not condone rape.  

The apology came on the same day protesters showed up at a New York City Reebok store where Ross was making an appearance.  According to MTV News, the protesters were hoping to convince Reebok to scrap Ross's endorsement deal. 

One of the groups who rallied protesters was the women's advocacy group Ultra Violet.  Ultra Violent is also trying to gather 71-thousand signatures for a petition that asks Reebok to drop Rick Ross.  

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