The famously-tattooed Eve, Pusha-T and T.I. are in the spotlight on the new episode of “Marked Up,” Billboard’s new video series about musicians and their ink.

The Pitbull in a Skirt, Eve acknowledges the fact that the paw print tattoo she’s got on her cleavage is just as famous as her long-stand rap career. The location was chosen based on dare from a friend. “I wanted paw prints,” she says. “And I thought, “Where should I get them?’ She was like, ‘I dare you get them on your breasts.’” Eve dismissed the idea as a crazy one before changing her mind. “Now it’s a thing that’s how people recognize me.”

“I just think it’s a form of expression, just like going in the studio, writing a song,” Eve says about the skin artform. “I think a lot of tattoos tell a story about where you’ve been or where you’re going or something maybe just inspired you.”

The perfect paws were not Eve’s first ink. She confides that she got her first tattoo at 17. She’d wanted to get Chinese characters of the four seasons, “but it hurt so bad I only got one. So I got Winter.”


Photo Credit Getty Images