Baby eagles are hatching on Catalina Island, off the coast of southern California. A group called thePet Collective has set up a webcam near the nest so viewers can watch the eagles crack through their shells and take their first breaths.

The footage can be hit and miss. One minute, an adorable eaglet is chirping for the camera. The next, 27-year-old mother Wray and 13-year-old father K01 (aka "Superman") are blocking the camera. Hey, down in front! We're trying to gawk at your babies.

Still, even if your view is partially obstructed at times, the live stream is well worth a view. Wray and Superman have been together for years and, according to video's description, this marks the sixth time the happy couple have returned to the same nest. So far, one of three eggs has hatched. Stay tuned for siblings two and three.

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